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Barefoot on the farm
Barefoot on the farm

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Barefoot on the farm
Barefoot on the farm

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Beechworth Historic Park

It was so great to be able to go on a family adventure after lockdowns and winter weather. We took the scenic drive from Albury to...

Orange-Bellied Parrots

Introduction Orange-bellied Parrots live in Victoria and Tasmania and South Australia. They are one of the few migratory parrot species...

War On Waste

Introduction Did you know that throughout all Australian households we create 1000kg (1 ton) of waste every minute! That's 60,000kg...

So Much Rubbish!

Sighing, I bent down to pick up what felt like the millionth piece of rubbish. Another Macca's cup! On a warm sunny morning on the school...

Photos 5#

1. Green Leaf 2. Waterbay (this is actually water!!) 3. Magnificent Magnolia 4. Little Fall 5. Mr Buggy 6. Lavender Fly 7. Curious Bird

Our Holiday To The Blue Mountains

Introduction The second I left the house I was excited to get there, we drove through farmlands most of the way until we arrived at...

Recipe - Chocolate Balls

Introduction Come and join me in the kitchen today, I'll be making some delicious chocolate balls. They are gluten free, dairy free,...

Spring Has Sprung -Photos 4

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the 4th photos blog and the first weekend of Spring!! In this blog, I'll be showing you all the little things...

How To Make Newspaper Pots

I know what you’re thinking, it’s just hard work and a waste of your time. But instead of buying pots for money and adding more stuff to...

Photos 3#

These last couple of weeks I've been going to the botanical gardens near where I live. I've also been taking some photos of a friendly...

Poems - Guest Writer - Jasmine

Hi everyone! I’m back for a brand-new blog! Sorry, It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded but I hope I’ll do more in the future. Today, I...

#2 Photos

This week I’ve been walking silently around the back paddocks and been taking photos of birds. I’ve also got some photos of my little...

My Photo Portfolio

I have been really enjoying learning about photography and experimenting with the camera around the farm. I would love to share some of...

Recipe - Muesli Bars

Introduction In school holidays and after school I love making these amazing muesli bars. They are easy and worth the wait. I eat a...



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