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#1 - The Tails Of Bindy And Buddy On The Farm

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

The walls climbed up and up towering over me, at the top was a high roof. I snuggled closer to my mother. Her sweet scent washed over me and it comforted me. It was the first time I opened my eyes and the place that I was in was huge. My mother looked down at me amused. My name is Yip and my litter-mates names are Daisy, Conner and Sophie.

Daisy still has not opened her eyes though. My other litter-mates and I have explored around the haystacks and over near the water-trough. The No-furs (humans) check on us nearly twice every day. I mean, we're dogs and we can look after ourselves . . . that’s what mother says.

I’m now eight weeks old and Daisy has opened her eyes we have explored everywhere together. The No-furs keep coming in to check on us. I don’t know why No-furs are so untrainable. Every time they come in we bark and tell him off, but they do not get the message!! We would rather be left alone. Although, they do feed us yummy food and give us balls to play with. I also sleep in the hay with mother now because I’m the oldest.

I collapsed onto my lump of hay after a long day exploring the mouse holes. A mouse bit my nose and it was throbbing like crazy. I rested for a little while until the No-furs checked on us like always. I heard them filling the water trough and they put a fist full of puppy food into the trough and the vibrations of his feet suddenly came to close to me. He picked me up and put me in this brown thing with enclosed sides. I howled for help but no help came. It rattled and I moved. Slowly at first then faster and faster.

All of a sudden I stopped. The air was full of mysterious smells and noises. I heard the muffled sounds of the No-fur who comes into our barn and another one which sounds like a female. He opened the brown thing and picked me up by the tummy. 'I don’t know why they can’t just do it from the scruff!' He placed me high off the ground on this smooth surface. I'm worried and miss my mother.

He pulled a bottle out and squeezed some on his hand. 'Why do I have to watch this' I thought, then he turned around and put his hands on my mouse bite. Whimpering, I bit back a howl. 'That hurt! I better tell mother when I get back'. The No-fur picked me up once again. This time I wasn’t put back in brown thing. 'Phew!' My nose started to feel heaps better too.

The No-fur took me outside and there was another male No-fur pulling up in his loudbelly (car). He hopped out the loudbelly. It let him out kindly. I thought the loudbelly swallowed the Nofurs?

He came towards me and patted me on the head. It felt so good. My leg moved to the motion of the patting, it was weird! I loved this No-fur, but I have to get back to my mother. Just as I thought that, the No-fur carried me to the barn. “Hey, Mum! Guess what! Looks like I'm I am going with this No-fur to my forever home already” My mother turned and looked happy “That's wonderful my beautiful Yip! He looks like a very kind and happy No-fur” My mother said softly. I turned and said goodbye to my family.

I walked over to my new No-fur and sat in front of him tilted my head and pricked my ears up. He bent down and picked me up and patted me on the head and on the ears.

He opened the loudbelly door and put me in. 'Oh Wow! This is amazing! There is a bed just for me! Well, I think it is? Anyway, I’m already in it'. I did my three circles and placed my tail over my mouth. My No-fur turned and the loudbelly shut behind him and swallowed me up. It did the same thing to my No-fur.

It was at least an hour in the loudbelly. When it stopped and the No-fur got out. He opened the loudbelly and picked me up he dropped me on the ground and sat on a chair. The place was full of scents and this weird green stuff. I walked over to it and pounced at it. It squashed down between my paws and when I walked off it sprung back up again. It was so fun! I guess this is my home now!! And I love it!!!!!!!


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