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Beautiful Bees And facts

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


Bees are amazing creatures. They build their own beehives in the wild. Bees make honey by collecting nectar from flowers. A bee can only make a teaspoon of honey its whole life, isn't that amazing! Imagine how many bee lives will be in a jar of honey.


Bees are mostly yellow they have a black face and stripes on its abdomen. They can grow up to 1-1.4cm long. Bees are loud creatures when they fly near you. You can hear the buzzing sound. The Queen Bee is bigger than the other bees and the girls are the workers.


Bees live in nests that hang in trees. They are sheltered from rough winds and storms, also from us. They are normally higher up than we can climb. The common habitats are woodlands, meadows, gardens and everywhere flowers grow.


Bees love to collect nectar from flowers. Their favorite flowers are Cosmos, Snapdragons, Borage, Goldenrod and much more. Bees love all different kinds of flowers much more than anyone can imagine.


Beehives are amazing! On the outside, the hive doesn't look like much, but when you have a look at what they do it'll blow your mind. Inside the beehive, there is honeycomb which is made from beeswax. When it is the right temperature, worker bees create the wax from glands in their body. They chew the wax with a bit of honey and pollen and it turns into beeswax.

Stop The Extinction

Bees have a great sickness which can wipe out an entire colony of them. The sickness is called Nosema. It has taken over every country except in some parts of Australia. Nosema is caused when a spore is in a bee digestive system. It will spread through the whole colony and sometimes passed onto another. It sometimes affects the queen.

What Will Happen If There Were No Bees?

If there were no bees it will be a lot harder to look after your crops. You will have to go around with a stick and pollinate them yourself, otherwise, they won't grow. If you had a huge paddock of Canola it will be heaps harder it might take you years. We need to keep bees alive . . who is with me??

Why Are Bees Stinging Me Every Time I Go Near Them?

Bees are attracted to different scents, one of them is sweat. The sweat is sweet to them. Bees are attracted to Purple, Yellow, and Pink. They are also attracted by sunscreen and face creams.

My Bees

On our farm, the bees have lots of places to collect nectar from. We have lots of Agapanthers and Sunflowers. We get lots of honey from them and we look after them. They love flying around looking after our plants. They are in a flow hive where the honey comes out for us. I love bees and you should too.

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