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Borage and all its uses

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


Borage, also as known as Borago Officinalis is a beautiful plant with amazing flowers that are shaped like stars. It was used for many things in the olden days, like herbal medicines and eaten in salads or in fish sauce. You can eat the flowers, stems, and leaves. It tastes a bit like cucumber. In this blog, I will dig deeper than anyone has before into the world of borage…


Borage can grow almost everywhere as long as it is not too hot or too cold. It loves the warm climates of Europe and North America. It also grows in Australia in any climate.


Borage will grow in a range of soils but prefers lighter drained ones. Its leaves and stalk are all hairy and the plant is dark green. The flower dead-heads itself so you’ll never have to take the secateurs out to the plant. It grows up to 1m tall and 45cm wide. It will grow really fast and it will turn into a little bush. The bees love it and you will never get tired of it sitting in your backyard jazzing up your garden.

Growing Tips

If you are looking for a borage plant to grow go to your local nursery and pick one up and take it home. Find a sunny spot with a bit of shade and put them into the ground. They don’t mind competing with other plants you just need to make sure that they’re not chocking each other. You also have to weed them like every other plant in your garden.

Make sure they are in a large space with rich soil.

Which soil do I plant borage in?

Borage will grow in a range of soils but prefers lighter drained ones.

How and where do I transplant borage?

Transplant any seedlings when they are young. It is suitable for use in a herb garden or in any border. If you intend using more than one, space them out about 45cm apart.

Do I stake borage?

Not normally do you have to stake borage but sometimes they look a bit floppy because of the weight. That is one of the only reasons to stake borage. The final reason is if your borage is choking a plant with is thick heavy stems and you don’t want to ruin its amazing flowers. Just stake it up and trim all the bits with no flowers, then your problem is done!

Can I plant my borage near veggies?

Borage is a multi-purpose plant it can be planted near tomatoes, squash, strawberries, and cabbage. It repels the cabbage white butterfly which lays eggs on brassicas. At my house, the cabbage white butterflies attack our kale and the borage helps.

Fast and fun facts about borage!!

  1. Did you know that borage is actually a herb . . . isn’t that cool!

  2. Did you know that borage is edible? Only the stem, leaf and flower.

  3. Borage was used to cure colds and asthma.

  4. Borage repels cabbage white butterflies

  5. Did you know that there is such a thing as borage oil and borage lemonade?

Borage Lemonade


1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 tablespoons of sugar (or more if you want it sweeter)

4 leaves of borage

2 cups of water


Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for approximately 30 seconds.

Strain over lots of ice into a tall glass, and garnish with borage flowers.

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