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Coffee Cups

Written By Jasmine (My Sister)

Who doesn’t love a good coffee? Every morning at 8:30 Dad HAS to have his coffee. We walk together to our favourite coffee shop and sit outside and wait. I watch 15 people walk out with paper cups, stand around chatting and then throw their cup into an overflowing rubbish bin.

I start to think about the whole of Melbourne . . the whole of Australia . . . and how many cups are being thrown into the rubbish each day. So I did some research. Australians throw out 2.7 million coffee cups every single day. This adds up to 1 billion cups a year for Australians and 16 billion each year for the world.

I was thinking . . . if one person has 5 coffees per week, that’s 260 per year and 1300 every 5 years. If you have a big family and kids that like hot chocolates, the amount of cups in your bin could be close to 1000 every year.

Most people don’t know this, but most paper coffee cups are not recyclable because they have plastic on the inside. If the plastic wasn’t there, the cup would go all mushy and leak. It’s a big problem for the environment. 16 billion cups going into the rubbish or oceans every single year! That is insane!

Did you know that coffee cups are the second biggest cause of rubbish in the world, after plastic bottles.

Although this is a huge problem, the answer is so simple. . . everyone should just have a reusable cup. It's like bringing own bags to buy our food. It's only been a few years since plastic bags were banned and we find it easy to bring our own bags now. If we had to bring our own cups to a café, imagine what we could do for the world.

Most reusable cups only cost about $20 (that’s just a few coffee’s) and they come in cool designs and colours. They also keep your drink warmer for longer! It’s a win, win all around. Come on grown ups, its such a simple thing that will make a world of difference!

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