Coral Bleaching

I dream of one day being able to dive and swim in the tropical oceans and explore the coral reefs of Australia. I would love to help preserve the reefs and learn more about our ocean animals. But by the time I am a grown up, will it be too late?

In the past 5 decades we have seen many incidents of widespread coral bleaching events on many of the world's coral reefs. At the moment climate change and coral bleaching is the biggest threat to our Great Barrier Reef and many more reefs. The reefs needs our help whilst there's still time.

What is Coral Bleaching?

Coral bleaching happens when the water heats up too much and the coral starts to get stressed by the change. When it's stressed some algae, (living organisms needed for healthy coral) is forced out and the coral starts to wither and be less vibrant. Soon, if it keeps warming up the coral will expel more and more algae until it is completely white. When the coral is white it's not necessarily dead, but are under more stress.

Why Do Coral Reefs Matter?

Coral reefs provide protection against flooding and erosion along coastlines. With them gone erosion will be even more rapid and could wipe whole islands off the map and it can be even more severe than we think. Without coral reefs the food chain will be disrupted and there won't be anymore fish to eat. There are species that spend their whole lives in the reefs like Parrotfish and they won't be able to survive without it.

Coral Bleaching Events

For the last couple of years there have been many coral bleaching events along the Great Barrier Reef to many other parts in the world. The most severe ones in the Great Barrier Reef where the 2016,2017 and 2020 ones and there will unfortunately be many more over the next few decades.

How You Can Help

Many ocean conservatories are trying their hardest to preserve these magnificent coral reefs and there are ways you can help too. Lots of people like coral as a decor in there houses but, many don't know that coral is an actual animal! It is made up of tiny micro-organisms making the vibrant colours. Live coral is a gift, dead coral is not a present. If everyone does there little bit it will save the coral reefs.

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