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My Epic Farm

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


My Nan and Pop bought this farm four years ago. The first time I came to visit I thought it was amazing. Their house was small but the opportunities were huge. Every time I went there my mind exploded with ideas, what I should make? what should I do? So, I built a treehouse. Next time I went they got a dog. Her name is Bindy. Whenever I went there, there was something new to see and something fun to do. Overtime, they got chickens, built a veggie patch, got sheep, they even got Bindy a friend. His name is buddy. Bindy had a litter of pups, we got baby chicks, bought a bee hive and so on. We also moved in!!! Every morning we wake to the sound to our rooster crowing, hop out of bed and go outside. In less than 7 acres we can do heaps and so can you.


All the plants on the farm are beautiful we have a wide variety too. The bees love all the flowers that we plant for them. We collect all the seeds from last years crop to plant this year. We choose our varieties carefully, so they can survive the hot climate in summer and the frosts with subzero temps in winter. My website will give you tips on how to look after certain plants and make sure they survive.


The bees give us yummy honey, which we have for breakfast. We have one beehive and soon we might have another. Our chooks give us lots of eggs and baby chick to look after. We love picking them up and giving them a cuddle. The sheep are our lawn mowers and chew down all the grass. Our dogs get pats a lot and they go everywhere we do. Sometimes they even go places we don't want them to!

We have got lots of native animals too. The birds fly around and sing pretty songs. Sometimes we have rabbits, they eat our carrots!

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