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Our Happy Chickens

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Facts About Chickens

1. There are more chickens on the earth than people. There are 25 billion.

2. Chickens can remember over 100 different faces of people or animals.

3. Some chickens can lay more than 300 eggs a year.

4. Chickens have feelings.

5. Chickens have full colour vision just like we do.

6. Chickens choose who's boss, like dogs a certain chook feeds first.

7. A hen defends its young from what it thinks is it's predator. Sometimes they peck me too!

8. Chickens mothers are just like humans. They teach their babies calls, in their egg.

9. A chicken can memorise its name and all the others in its flock.

10. Chickens can live 5-10 years of age.

11. The scientific name for a chook is Gallus Gallus Domesticus and the family is Phasianidae.

12. Do Not Feed Chickens Rhubarb Leaves. Also, it's not good for laying hens to eat potato.

Our Chicks

We successfully hatched 14 chicks from eggs under two of our hens. We have named a few. The only black one is called Waffle. My sister Jasmine came up with the name. I named the two cream coloured ones Chip and Chirp. One of the huge ones is called Angel because of the shape of the wings. We try to pick them up but they're too fast. I've only picked up Chip and another one.


The chicks and their mothers have a few scraps at night time/dinner time, along with some grain and in the morning we feed them pak choi and radish leaves. Some times they eat weeds outside with the older chooks and sit on the perch having heaps of fun.

Our friendly chooks

Not all chickens are scared of people, especially our chickens. Their names are Blacky, Fern, Fluffy and Honey. All of them have different personalities which make them, them. The day our mum picked them up from a farm they were scared of us. Over time we picked them up, fed them by hand and patted them. Here is what their breeds are.

Fluffy, Fern, Blacky and Honey


I think Fluffy is a Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken. She is black with white speckles all over her. They look like a giant Guineafowl. Roosters have huge tail feathers and a red face and comb. The comb is the red spiky looking thing on the top of its head. Hens like Fluffy have them too.

Honey was a ISA brown with a lighter coloured tail. She had amber eyes and a huge personality, but the sad thing is that she died last year. Blacky and Fern are twins they are exactly the same they are I think they are Jersy Giants. They are the heaviest of all chicken breeds.


We spoil them all the time. Every morning we have 15mins of weeding the garden and we feed those weeds to the chooks because it is summer and they dont have any new green grass in their yard. At dinner time we feed them our food scraps from the day, we also give them grain at night time with the scraps.


Fluffy's personality is: She does not want to be picked up but when she does she loves it. She will eat out of my hands and her favourite foods are Strawberries and Plums. Fluffy always jumps on to the compost bin and fly off the other sides. It's very funny when she does.

Blacky is a greedy chook, she always wants the food to eat herself. Her favourite foods are lettuce and leaves. She'll go on an adventure any time she wants to. Blacky has strong powerful legs that she uses to jump over branches.

Fern is blacky's sister. They are exactly the same on the outside, but different on the inside. Her favourite food is grain in our hands. Every time we poke our hand through the fence with a berry in it, she will jump up and peck your hand and take the berry with her.

Honey's personality is: She's friendly to everyone and eats out of their hands. Her favourite foods are Watermelon and Rockmelon or anything sweet like that. She likes walking around scratching in the dirt looking for grubs. She roamed in the next-door neighbours backyard and walks about.

We also have 15 other chooks on the farm.

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