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Our Holiday To The Blue Mountains


The second I left the house I was excited to get there, we drove through farmlands most of the way until we arrived at Bathurst and shortly after, we entered the Blue Mountains. Magnificent views, jagged peaks, and marvellous rock faces! We drove up twisty roads and over dozens of mountains until... we got to the holiday house.

Scenic World

Sceinic World is definitely a place I'll never forget. I went on the world's steepest railway train. It's even in the Guinness World Records! The chairs are slanted backwards in the train because it is so steep. It went faster than I thought it would.

I also went on the Skyrail, which takes you over the huge canyon below. The driver said when we were in the middle of the canyon "it's a six-second drop to the canopy of leaves" that made me scared! Don't worry because it didn't happen. I also went on a walk which shows you the old coal mine that used to operate underneath the mountain it even had an old furnace! As I walked down the stairs to the mine, the air suddenly got cold. It was really weird!

Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is amazing is every way! I loved the giant lookouts, tall flat rocks to climb on and also the rock towers everyone makes. I went on the walks and took my shoes and socks off and have a little swim in the freezing water, I nearly froze my feet off! The waterfall goes from way up on the top of the cliff, cascading down the rocks to the bottom. It's amazing!

Echo Point Lookout

Echo Point is in the centre of Katoomba, a town in the Blue Mountains and it is really cool. I saw the Three Sisters from the lookout and the huge canyon below. And guess what? There were two layers! I like the bottom one better. I even saw Katoomba Falls from there, it looked so tiny!

Govetts Leap Lookout

I was driving through the canopy of trees and suddenly there was a vertical drop - Govetts Leap Lookout! Govetts Leap Lookout was my favourite lookout by far, even when I first saw it, with its amazing walks to the waterfall and the best views. At dusk, shadows were casted along the huge cliff faces, which looked surreal.

Evans Lookout

I didn't like this lookout, I loved it! It wasn't just about views, it was also about amazing bushwalks. I loved the one that took you far down into the silent gorge. If you're quiet you might be able to see some wildlife like what we did. Jas found a Lyrebird, it was amazing!!!

Wentworth Falls

This was definitely the highlight of my trip, it was spectacular. To start with it was a small waterfall then it dropped down more than 30m. I rock scrambled to the top it's sooooooooooo fuuuuuuun!!!!! There was also a big walk that took you under rock overhangs and on big windy ledges. They were both fun and scary at the same time!

I hope you've planned your next holiday during this blog and I can't wait for more travel blogs to come. Bye!

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