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Roses- Facts, tips and answers to every question

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


Roses are an amazing plant. They are perennials and in Spring to late Summer they flower. Not all roses are red, pink and white. Some change colour as they change stages. For example, at my farm, one of them starts off as a red bud and then makes orange petals with a yellow middle and then when it gets older, they go a dull pink. There are lots more rose types that I don’t have in my garden, we have quite a lot. The scientific name for rose is Rosa. It is quite simple compared to other species of flowers.


Roses have a thick woody stem, like a tree it grows bigger as it gets older. The way that roses defend themselves, is by their thorns. The thorns have a poison inside them which makes their scratch hurt more and for longer. The rose flowers have layers of petals and incredible perfume. The leaves are green and an egglike shape.


Most Roses species are native to Asia and a smaller amount to North America a very small handful to Europe and Africa, but they grow just fine in Australia, where I live. You just need to look out for blackspot. (see garden tips blackspot for more info)

Roses have to be cut back in winter so the new growth would be as vigorous as last year.

Fast and Fun Facts

1. The largest rose in the world is the Nikita K. Rulhoksoffski. It is a light pink colour. The rose bush itself spreads over 830 square meters (9,000 square feet).

2. The oldest living rose on the planet is 1,000 years of age. It grows on the cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany.

3. There are a variety of colours in Roses. You can even get a very rare rose - the black rose.

4. The tallest rose ever recorded was over 7 meters tall.

5. There are over 100 species of rose.

6. Roses have been around for a long time even longer than the human population. Archaeologists have found fossils about 35,000,000 years old.

7. The buds of the tiniest roses are about the size of a grain of rice.

8. The different colours of roses symbolise different things.

  • Red rose is the symbol of love

  • Yellow is friendship

  • Orange is enthusiasm

  • White is purity

  • Pink is Joy!

9. All rose species have five petals except for one called Rosa Sericea which has four. Each layer has five petals around the rose and some roses have lots and lots of layers.

10. For years, breeders tried to create a blue rose. In 2004, the world got its first blue rose.

Image: www.flowerglossary.com

Growing tips

Roses like 5 hours of sun a day. Roses like rich soil but they can grow just fine in other soils. They can grow up to be between 1.5 - 1.8 meters tall (5 - 6 feet).

If you want to plant a rose in a small garden, you can always use a pot. You would need a pot at least 60-75cm (2 to 2.5 feet) in depth and 30-50cm wide (15 to 20 inches). Clay pots are the best if you’re in a hot tropical place because it will keep the root source cool. Make sure that it is getting at least five hours of sun a day and some water. When planting roses in pots, make sure the soil is sufficient and it is covering the crown of the roots. Make sure it is all fluffy and it has lots of water drainage. Don’t plant the big rose varieties in pots like the climbers and the shrub, but you could try some smaller varieties like Hybrid Tea Roses and Grandiflora Roses. These would not need as much space as other roses. You can get one from a local nursery or flower shop and start growing. If it doesn’t work review the instructions and try again. This is all a practice and it is until you master it!

Can I grow roses from seed?

Yes, you can but It will take four to sixteen weeks. The seed comes from the dead flowers which have dried out. You can also take cuttings from a rose bush, you cut the rose off at a leaf or node and strip off the leaves. Next, you take off the thorns just off the part which will grow on the ground. As you would notice, the rose is starting to get wounds along its stem, these wounds will help to produce roots. This will take a pretty long time too.

Fill a jar halfway with water and make sure the end of the cutting is in the water. Leave the cuttings in the water for a week or two sometimes even 1-3 months, depends on how much roots you want.

Can I plant a rose where a rose used to be?

You may have heard or read an in a book that you should never plant a rose where a rose used to be. The reason is that won’t do well they might even die because of the mycorrhizal fungi which thrive in the soil where a rose used to be.


Blackspot is a disease which is quick spreading and has major effects on all roses. The leaves have black spots and they will shoot up they plant until it reaches the flowers. Blackspot will decrease the number of flowers and how big and beautiful they grow.

When my Nan and Pop moved in here, there were more roses than you could ever imagine. They pulled the ones out with the worst blackspot and kept the rest. An easy way to get rid of the blackspot is to cut off the infected leaves. If that doesn’t work you can weed everything underneath it and make sure there are no rose petals or leaves, just in case the pieces have a black spot on them.

So, what are you waiting for, take your securers out and start pruning!

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