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So Much Rubbish!

Sighing, I bent down to pick up what felt like the millionth piece of rubbish. Another Macca's cup!

On a warm sunny morning on the school holidays, Mum, Jas and I went for a walk/scooter to the river for a swim and decided to pick up all the rubbish along the way. I was surprised at how many big rubbish bags we needed!

We collected 4 garbage bags of rubbish, mostly McDonalds packaging, bottles and bits of styrofoam. This was collected just off Riverina highway in Albury NSW and now a couple of months later it's already filled with rubbish again. I feel really frustrated! Why can't people just put their rubbish in the bin or be more mindful about how much rubbish they buy? It's not that difficult!

Since there was so much rubbish from Macca's, I decided to find out what other big companies make lots of rubbish in the world. Surprisingly, McDoanalds wasn't on the top 10. But, these ones were:

  1. Coca-Cola

  2. PepsiCo

  3. Nestlé

  4. Danone

  5. Mondelez International

  6. Procter & Gamble

  7. Unilever

  8. Perfetti van Melle

  9. Mars Incorporated

  10. Colgate-Palmolive

I wonder what these companies could do to try and make a difference? Can they use more recycled materials, encourage reusable containers or have their own recycle programs? I'm sure there are some really creative ways they can make a difference. Imagine taking our own cup to McDonalds to get a refill, just like you take your coffee cup to a cafe!

But maybe it is all up to us to start to make the change. Did you know a single person produces 540kg of rubbish per year. I assume over half dumped into landfill and a whole heap ends up in waterways or on the side of the road.

Maybe it's time that we all start to make small changes. Decide to buy from smaller companies that are doing more of the right things, ensure we recycle as much as we can, put our rubbish in the bin and maybe just buy less?

You can help in another way too. I have a goal for you - Every time you go out try to pick up 5 pieces of rubbish.

It's that easy! Have fun Environment lovers!! :)

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