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The Adventures of The Chicken Triplets 1

I pecked at my shell following Mother’s instructions. "Lift your head up and peck the weakest spot." Though I was doing it for a long time it was worth it. I was ready to see the world outside my egg. Soon I made a little hole big enough for me to fit through and asked Mother for new instructions. “The key to tip out of your egg is to make it fall on its side and crawl out the hole.” My Mother's feathers lifted off me so I could tip it over “Can’t you help me, Mother?” I asked. Mother sighed “No, I’m sorry sweetie but you have to do it yourself.” “Ok,” I said sighing sadly. I gained all the energy in my body and pushed as hard as I could. The egg rocked as my body collided with the breakable surface. Unfortunately, it stood back up “Mother” I pleaded “I need help!” But Mother didn’t answer. Looks like it’s up to me. I collided with the surface again and radiated off. The egg tipped backward and forward until…


I squinted my eyes, everything was so bright. I looked over to mother she was so pretty, she had black feathers and crimson coloured eyes. The broody hen across the room was the same but didn’t have crimson eyes but orange-yellow ones. I was surrounded by dull musty green bits of tin which was heating the place up. There was a fence between us and the other chickens. “Hey!” said a squeaky voice “Watch it!” I turned around to find a grey fluffy chicken with red eyes and an orange beak. “Sowy” I said softly.

“It’s Ok,” he said in his booming voice “No harm done. My name is Waffle and I’m the younger girl’s chicken.” I shuffled my feet in the dirt, was I supposed to have a name? “Hi… I don’t have a name yet” I said warily. “It’s fine,” he said “I was named before I was born, and the girls named me. When you see them, they will probably give you a name just like they did when they first saw me.” Ok, I thought, that was good to know. I’ll see the girls soon, right?

Just then I saw the most fabulous looking chick ever and walked over to her. “Hello” I said. “Hi" said the chick. "I don’t have a name yet like you, but you can call me Chick” The fabulous chick said. I looked over to a piece of dust in the air and said “Nice to meet to Chick.” Suddenly a brown chick burst out from behind me and started jabbering “Hi, sowy I scared you, I’m the number one prankster in this coop and you better not take it. I don’t have a name yet but I called myself Sally I know it’s not a suitable name for a chicke - …” Waffle cut her off “Sally, I hope you not pulling any pranks on these two new chicks” Sally looked at her feet “I’m not, sowy Waffle” and she walked off.

All of a sudden there was an unfamiliar noise ‘Oh . . . . chook, chook, chook, chook, chook!!

My brothers and sisters ran around crazy, excited from the call. I walked over to where Waffle was standing and talking with Mother. I walked closer wondering if I should know this call, “Mother, Waffle, what’s this sound, and why are the other chickens going crazy about it?” Waffle bit back a smile as Mother told me that it means the girls are coming and I get some food.

Wow, I thought I get to see the girls!! The door slowly opened, and two blonde-haired girls came through the door. One of them pointed at Sally, the beautiful looking white chicken and me. She knelt down and picked me and the other two up.

“I’m going to call you Pumpkin” she pointed at Sally and then said, “and you Chirp” she pointed at the white chick. It’s my turn!! I wiggled as she said “Your name will be Chip” I HAD A NAME!! The first time seeing the girls and I had a name! So did Chirp and Pumpkin. “I kind of like the name the name the girls gave me it’s much better than Sally” chirped Pumpkin. “Yeah, mine is much better than yours,” said Chirp poshly. I ate my dinner and snuggled up with my mother and my siblings and went to sleep dreaming of all the adventures Pumpkin, Chirp, and I could go on with the older girl.

To be continued…

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