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The Importance Of Our World

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


The environment is all around us, turn a corner and more appears. In the park, at school, even in your backyard. We all want these to look pretty, right? But RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH!! That's the problem! If we keep littering, we won't be able to live on this planet because of global warming.

The Animals

Cutting down trees is really bad. People are destroying animals homes. Homes that they thought were safe to live in, but NO they weren't! Now their in the forests with no home all alone. I know we need it for paper. I know we need it for tables. I even know we need wood for our houses, but they're not just our house. It's the animals that were kicked out of their home. Or maybe still living in it.

Rubbish in our oceans is also bad for the creatures down there. They will eat the plastic and get very sick. Animals can be wiped out this way, that's why we have to stop it! The main creatures that eat the rubbish are turtles, schools of fish and pelicans. Here are the reasons: Turtles eat Jellyfish and the plastic bags look that way. Schools of fish come past and think a meal is waiting in front of them. They all eat a few pieces and the whole school gets sick. Pelicans fly in the sky above looking for the fish in the water. They spot a huge school of fish and dive down at top speeds into the water. All the rubbish that they thought were fish gets stuck in their beaks, under there wings and even over there mouths.


Landfill is were humans like us put the rubbish. We've downgraded the amount, but as you'll see in the website link, it's not enough. We're have already dumped 105,393,900+ tons of rubbish globally since the start of 2020. We also do 2.12 billion tons of waste each year. Thats a lot if were trying to stop!

Rubbish Counter - https://www.theworldcounts.com

Our food waste is also bad. We have dumped 34,183,900+ tons this year already! Thats to much waste! We could give all our waste to people who need it most but we put it in the trash and there goes another meal for poor people. Or we can make it into compost and put it back over our garden or feed it to your chickens.

Global Warming

Global warming is the Earth losing it's barrier. This barrier keeps all the gravity in earth and stops meteorites from hitting earth. The warming is melting the ice and creatures like polar bears and penguins might not exist. Also, global warming is making our world hotter. You can't even live in some parts of the world and it's making less rain happen in certain areas. The increse of bush fires at the moment is also caused from warming. Since there's not as much rain the firefighters have to do a lot of work.

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