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The Magnificent Rhododendrons - Facts, Tips, And More


Rhododendrons are amazing plants that come in all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes. They can be huge trees or tiny shrubs, oh, and don't miss the giant cluster of beautiful flowers. These Magnificent Rhododendrons definitely light up your garden to make it sooooo pretty during spring and summer.

Recently, I went to the Rhododendron Garden in The Blue Mountains in NSW and explored the 18.5 hectares of land the society has created.

It started in the late 1960s and it isn't just Rhododendrons that they have there. They have a flower for nearly every time of the year. The deciduous trees in autumn, bulbs in early spring, and Rhododendrons in late spring to early summer. It's even got a lake!

There are over 2,000 Rhododendrons planted as well as camellias, azaleas, maples, lots of bulbs and lots of native eucalyptus trees.


Rhododendrons have wonderful flowers that always brings joy and happiness to your day. They grow to an exceptional height for a plant 7m (25ft). The plant has giant clusters of flowers scattered all over the tree.

The colours are very diverse they can range from pinks and purples to yellows and whites. The leaves are green and are oval-shaped, sometimes they have light greens in the middle.


The perfect climate for a Rhododendron in Australia is the cool climate areas Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales as well as some parts of Western Australia and Queensland.


  1. The highest Rhododendron is 32m (108ft) tall and its still growing!! Isn't that marvelous?

  2. There are 1,024 species of Rhododendron found so far. But there's still more to find!

  3. Rhododendrons are introduced species to Australia except for 1. Just don't let your pets eat it. It's Toxic!

4. They originate from Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Australia. Some are even from China.

5. Rhododendron actually is the most popular plant in Germany because it means "Everything will be better because of you!"

Growing tips

Rhododendrons love shade and needs lots of water because of shallow roots. They also grow in slightly acidic soil.

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