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# 2 The Tails Of Bindy And Buddy - The First Day At Work

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I twitched my ear and let out a little moan. A fly was buzzing around my face and it was tickling my ears. I rolled over and nearly fell off my haystack. Hang on, wait a minute, I can't fall off my haystack, I’m on the ground!

Forgetting about the fly, I opened my eyes and squinted into the unusual sunlight of the farm. Then I remembered, oh I thought, I am a farm dog now. I sat up on my bed looking at the landscape around me. Oh, there’s a lot going on. I gave an excited yelp and walked off my bed and onto the grass. Over on the right-hand side was a little garden, which had small plants, that smelt funny and made my nose tickle. I walked along the concrete pavement to a big structure, probably made by no-furs (humans). I turned and looked around seeing a sparrow pecking at the ground. I crept along the grass, stalking the sparrow doing everything my mother taught me. I lunged forwards, thrusting my hind legs up into the air and landed in front of the bird. It flapped up shouting its alarm and I was bewildered by the noise, it flew away. Spitting out feathers I walked to the door of my no-furs house and sat there for a long time.

Finally, the no-fur lumbered out and slid the door open. "Come on pup" he said excitedly, let's go to work! I followed him, tracing all of his steps, just in case I did something wrong. We went through a gate and onto a stony pathway, which led to a big shed, which looked a bit like our barn, but it was green. We walked inside. There were so many unusual smells in here. Some of them were foul and some of them were sweet. I came to a lump of a black thing with holes in it, that smelt salty. I wiggled around in it for a bit and got stuck. Wriggling even further into the net, my No-Fur had to pull me out. He unwrapped my paws and legs until I was free again. I licked his face and trotted back down the path. I think I was in a bit too much trouble today.

I dug a hole near the side of the house as my No-Fur walked past and dropped a bucket with BATH written on it. My owner was definitely telling me to hop in it. Wasn’t he? So I waded into the freezing water the droplets lapped at my belly fur sending chills down my spine. I got my mouth in the water and splashed it around me. I lifted my paws up and down sending tiny droplets spraying around me.

All of a sudden a thundering noise filled the air. A loud belly (car) was coming past MY house. It is MINE and I have to DEFEND it!! I tipped the bucket over and ran as fast as I could to the front gate. “Ruff, ruff, ruff!” I barked as loud as I could. “Yay!”I thought, “the Loud belly is slowing down! Phew! It’s scared!” “Oh no!” I thought, “it's turning into MY house“ It stopped and 4 no-furs got out, 2 of them were pups (kids). The two pups bent down and put their paws in front of my face. “Hello puppy”, one said. “We love you.” She put her hands behind my ear and gave it a good scratch. “ Ohhh, that feels good! “ I flopped down onto my bed after my first day at work. The no-furs went inside and I dozed off, having happy dreams of my first day.

To be continued . . .

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