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War On Waste


Did you know that throughout all Australian households we create 1000kg (1 ton) of waste every minute! That's 60,000kg (60tons) an hour!! That's crazy! Surely, we can do better. So what are you waiting for? Let's go and see what we can do as part of this war on waste.

So, what are some of the big issues here?

Apples in plastic . . .that's Bananas!

Most supermarkets have unnecessary plastic wrapped around some products that don't need it at all. Some foods like Bananas and Apples have special nature-given wrapping, so you don't need to cover them in plastic wrap or put them in a plastic bag.

When people go to checkout in supermarkets, normally people put all their things and plastic bags and drive home. 30-40 minutes later they get thrown away and they're destined for landfill, or they're thrown into rivers and other waterways and can hurt our marine wildlife.

Why use a straw?

Did you know that there are over 500million straws used every day! I'm not talking about reusable ones I'm talking about plastic ones! You know, the ones they sell at Macca's. Over half of these straws are polluting the earth right now, or they're hurting animals such as turtles. Straws don't decompose because they're made of heavy plastics so, they don't break down even after a long period of time.

Interesting fact: The first straw made on this planet is still on the earth today!!

People make enough straws every single day to wrap around the world 4 times or even more.

Visit Strawnomore.org to take the pledge for no plastic straws today.


One of our biggest problems worldwide is the growing technology E-waste. E for Electronic. Our old computers, iPhones, iPad, and TV. The worst thing about this is there's little to do besides burning it which is even worst for the environment than fossil fuels. There are masses of this waste carted around the world every day and made with this special rock if we keep making them the precious material will disappear.

Coffee Cups

As you probably know, more and more people are becoming addicted to coffee, tea and other drinks served in cafes. Coffee cups are mostly made out of paper, not so bad, right? Wrong!!! Coffee cups are lined with plastic so the paper can't break down, EVER! Australia uses about 1.2 billion coffee cups a year!! The whole world uses 2.25 billion disposable coffee cups a day!! Coffee cups take over 30 years to break down into micro-plastics that stay there forever!

Cigarettes. . . how gross

Cigarettes are everywhere! People around the world buy 18 billion cigarettes a day, eventually adding up to 6.5 trillion a year. People like us have to sit and walk in this stuff. So consider bringing a bag to put cigarettes butts in after you put them out.

Maybe next time you're using a coffee cup or drinking from a cup with a plastic straw you will remember these things and we can all save the world together.

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